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[High Frequency Trading, Smart Cat]

High Frequency Trading in Block Chain, Smart Cat Comes


High Frequency Trading in Block Chain, Smart Cat Comes

Intelligent Cat ITC is a high-frequency trading arbitrage product from SportArb, a Block Chain Laboratory of Star Alliance Group. Its founder is Ronald Wild, a financial cafe from Britain. Ronald Wild is a legend in British financial circles and a core technician of STA Calculator Cloud.

What is digital currency arbitrage? Brick arbitrage is to buy and sell digital currency on different exchanges at the same time in order to profit from price differences between these exchanges. For example, you search for digital currencies that are cheaper on Exchange A than on Exchange B, and then you buy currencies on Exchange A and sell currencies on Exchange B to make a profit on price differentials.

Intelligent Cat ITC is a high-frequency trading arbitrage product from SportArb, Block Chain Laboratory in the United States. Its founder is Ronald Wild, a British financial legend. It is an investment advisor to many banks and investment institutions in the United Kingdom. The investment projects recommended by ITC have almost doubled dozens of times. The smart cat project is a project he started. Sports lottery arbitrage, foreign exchange arbitrage has been up to now block chain digital currency arbitrage, each step is leading the team forward.

What is the difference between smart cat high-frequency trading arbitrage and common brick-moving arbitrage on the market? At present, the market of brick-moving arbitrage software is mainly through the difference of quotations between different platforms, in the case of insufficient information dissemination to obtain benefits. This technology belongs to a single hedging arbitrage, but now the information of major trading platforms in the world converges, this opportunity is becoming less and less. Smart cats can hedge between different platforms, within the same platform, and between different currencies. Even the multi-empty hedging of Bitcoin spot and futures can be used to realize profit, which belongs to compound hedging arbitrage. So, at present, brick-moving arbitrage in the market is the primary product of high-frequency quantitative trading, which can be called hedging arbitrage product 1.0. The hedging arbitrage technology and concept of smart cat reach at least 3.0. At present, there is no high-frequency quantitative trading software for digital currency compound hedging, smart cat is the first and only one.

This is a trillion-level market. There is still a lot of room for the growth of digital money transactions. We want to find a platform of long-term integrity, join the Star Alliance, and let the smart cat make money for us, and liberate ourselves to enjoy life. Today you choose to believe in smart cats, and tomorrow smart cats will give you a brand new future!